Transcript: Open a bank account or apply for a credit card with CIBC

[Percy Penguin and his wife, Penny, are in a romantic Spanish restaurant. A phonograph plays music and the two dance passionately.]

Now with CIBC,

[Percy puts a rose in his mouth and then twirls Penny away from him.]

You can open a new bank account,

[As she is spinning off, he pulls out his smartphone.]

or apply for a credit card using your smartphone... anytime, anywhere. It’s quick and easy.

[Percy opens the CIBC Mobile Banking Application.]

Here’s how:

Download and open the CIBC banking app.

[Percy selects Credit Cards from a list of product types.]

Select a CIBC product you’d like to apply for.

[Percy taps the Scan driver’s license option so that his personal information gets pre-filled.]

Enter your information.

[Percy pulls out his driver’s license.]

You can do this quickly by signing in to your account or scanning the barcode on your driver’s licence.

[Percy scans his driver’s license using his phone, and his information automatically populates the application form.]

After this step, we’ll also suggest some other products that are tailored just for you.

[Percy swipes through some recommended products on the Review my products screen.]

You can easily add these and continue with the application process.

[Percy selects the eAdvantage Savings Account.] 

All that’s left to do is verify by scanning a cheque and you’ll have everything mailed to you.

[Percy activates his products by choosing the eDeposit option. He scans a personal cheque in the restaurant.]

Or, you can sign the screen.

[Percy uses the eSignature option and signs his name on his phone.] 

And pick up your new card at any CIBC Banking Centre.

[Percy’s phone shows a video of Percy walking into a CIBC Banking Centre. He gets his debit card from a CIBC representative.]

And just like that, you’re done.

[Percy reviews the products he applied for on the confirmation page.]

Simple, convenient and tailored just for you.

[Percy puts his phone away and catches his wife in a passionate tango embrace.]

It’s banking that fits your life.

[“CIBC Banking that fits your life” logo.]