Transcript: How to send money with Interac e-Transfer®

Send money with Interac e-Transfer®: send money quickly and safely.

To transfer money, start from CIBC Mobile Banking® or CIBC Online Banking® and select Interac e-Transfer®.

[CIBC digital banking is displayed on a tablet, desktop computer and smartphone. Interac e-Transfer® is selected. A list of accounts and balances is shown. A user selects the account, recipient and then chooses a security question and answer.]

Add a recipient, save that recipient’s details and enter the amount you want to send. Create a security question for your recipient to answer.

For your security, tell us where we can send you a verification code. When you receive it, enter the code.

[A Confirm Your Identity screen shows three contact methods: email, call or text. The user enters a phone number in the Call field and selects the Send button. On the Verification Code screen, the user enters the code and selects the Submit button.]

Within 30 minutes, your recipient will get an email notifying them of the transfer.

[Interac e-Transfer notification email arrives. The user can open the transfer using either CIBC Online Banking or in the Mobile Banking App. To complete the transfer, the user is asked to answer a security question.]

With a few clicks and the correct answer to your question, the transfer is complete. We’ll notify you when your recipient accepts the transfer.

[A CIBC transfer notification email reads “Your funds transfer was successful.”]

If your transfer isn’t accepted after 30 days, you can reclaim it.

[The Reclaim Transfer screen shows the sender the amount, account and recipient. After viewing the details, the sender selects “Next” to reclaim the transfer.]

And if you want to cancel the transfer before it’s accepted, it’s easy to cancel that, too.

[Select the transfer from the Transfer Details screen to cancel.]

[“CIBC: Banking that fits your life” logo.]