Transcript: How to pay a bill

Pay a bill: pay bills easily, online or on your mobile device in seconds.

Want to pay a bill? To pay a bill using digital banking, select “Bill Payments” from your mobile device or desktop.

[CIBC digital banking is displayed on a tablet, desktop computer and smartphone. A user selects Bill Payments from the menu, which reveals options to pay a single bill or multiple bills.]

To add a bill, search for your recipient or payee and select it. You can even give it a nickname. Then, enter your bill’s account number.

[On the Add Payee screen, the user searches for the name of the bill and selects it from the list of results. Then, the user enters the bill’s account number.]

For your security, tell us where we can send you a verification code.

[A Confirm Your Identity screen shows three contact methods: email, call or text. The user enters a phone number in the Call field and selects the Send button.]

When you receive it, enter the code.

[On the Verification Code screen, the user enters the code and select the Submit button.]

To make a one-time payment, select the payee, enter your amount, and select the account you want to pay from. Then, confirm the details. Your payment will be processed in 1 to 2 business days.

[After selecting Bill Payments from the menu, the user inputs the payee, amount and account.]

You can also set up automatic recurring bill payments.

[A dropdown menu displays options to pay a bill once, weekly, monthly or annually.]

Now you can confidently stay on top of your bills — anytime, anywhere.

[“CIBC: Banking that fits your life” logo.]