Transcript: How to book a meeting

Book a meeting: for when you want to meet face to face.

To schedule an appointment, select “Meet with us” from the home page.

[On the Meet with us form, a user selects Personal Banking or Business Banking.]

Tell us what you want to meet about,

[The user selects the type of banking and topic they need help with. Options include Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Borrowing, Investing or Advice.]

choose a convenient branch,

[The result displays the Banking Centre’s address, phone number and business hours. The user can also search for  a different Banking Centre.]

and select a date and time.

[A calendar displays available appointment dates. The user selects a date and time. A screen displays a summary of the meeting information including the user’s name and contact information, meeting date and time, branch location, reason for the meeting and preferred discussion language. A button at the bottom of the screen reads “Confirm and book meeting”.]

We’ll send you a confirmation email with the name of the person you’re meeting with, and a reminder the day before.

[A CIBC Meeting Confirmation email appears in an inbox. It opens to display meeting information and a reference number. It also contains a link to add the meeting to the user’s personal calendar. A button at the bottom of the screen reads “Cancel this meeting”.]

Select the link to add the meeting to your personal calendar. If you need to cancel, go to the appointment-booking tool and use the reference number in your confirmation email to cancel.

[“CIBC: Banking that fits your life” logo.]