Transcript: On the hunt

[Music plays in the background]

[A Sold sign displays Home advice that pays off, Episode 2. A hand flips the sign and it displays Presented by Scott McGillivray and CIBC. The hand flips the sign again and it displays On the hunt. The CIBC logo.]

[Scott McGillivray walks on a sidewalk looking at houses.]

Scott McGillivray: When searching for your next home, here’s a few tips and tricks to save you time and money. First, stay within your budget. Also, give every house a chance no matter what it looks online.

[Scott walks between a house and a garage. He looks up at the roof of the garage.]

And then focus on the things you must have and try not to worry too much about the things that would be nice to have.

[Scott looks around at different houses and nods his head.]

Now, here’s something that’ll save you money. Try shopping on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Typically, those homes sell for less than the ones purchased on the weekend. Happy house hunting. Your perfect home is out there.

[Scott stands on a porch, then walks into the house. Enjoy more great #CIBCHomeAdvice tips and tricks right here. There are links to 4 videos featuring Scott McGillivray: Do you DIY?, Renos 101, Smart budgeting, Add some value. The CIBC logo.]

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