Transcript: CIBC Global Money Transfer

[Music plays in the background]

Introducing CIBC Global Money Transfer, a quick and secure way to send money to loved ones worldwide, with no upfront money transfer fees.

[A client holds a tablet open to CIBC Global Money Transfer. The client sends a money transfer. A dollar bill folded into a paper airplane flies out of the tablet and leaves a smoke trail in the shape of a heart in the sky, then disappears.]

Available through CIBC Online Banking, you can now send money to over 35 countries from one of your CIBC chequing, savings or line of credit accounts.

[Several dollar bills folded into paper airplanes fly through the sky, each leaving a smoke trail behind them.]

It’s convenient and easy.

[A tablet is open to CIBC Online Banking.] 

Log into CIBC Online Banking, select Global Money Transfer, choose a recipient, the account you want to use and the amount you want to send. Click submit and your transfer is on its way.

[In CIBC Online Banking, a client selects Global Money Transfer and follows the steps to send money. The client chooses a recipient, an account and an amount to send. The client reviews the details of the money transfer, then selects Submit to send money.]

Your friends and family around the world will be happy to have funds safely deposited in their bank, in their local currency, and usually in one business day1.

[A tablet open to CIBC Global Money Transfer. Dollar bills folded into paper airplanes fly out of the screen. Terms and conditions 1: CIBC Global Money Transfer recipients have access to funds between 1 to 3 business days on average.]

You’ll be happy that you can track if transfers have been sent from your account.

[A tablet open to CIBC Online Banking displays money transfers that are pending and completed.]

With CIBC Global Money Transfer, you’ll always know exactly how much  money you’re sending and the exchange rate you’ll receive, all with no upfront fees2. Using CIBC Online Banking, you can send transfers 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You can also send money in-branch too.

[Terms and conditions 2: Standard foreign exchange rates will apply. Global Money Transfer transactions count towards your allowable transaction limit, bank account transaction fees may apply if you have reached the maximum transaction limit offered through your personal deposit account package.]

Now that’s banking that fits your life.

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