[music plays, sound of car driving]

[Connor McDavid sitting in car]

>> Connor McDavid: You're a mobile investment consultant?


CIBC Mobile Investment Consultants come to you.

>> Speaker 2: You got it.

[camera zooms out to both Connor and Speaker 2 sitting side by side in car]

>> Connor McDavid: I guess that's why we're in a car then, right? Get it? Mobile, mobile? (joking)


Hockey Superstar Connor McDavid

>> Speaker 2: Oh! (laughs)

[camera zooms into Speaker 2]

>> Speaker 2:  He shoots, he scores.

[outside of a café. We see benches, a tree lined street]

[close-up of hand stirring coffee in a white mug, sounds of spoon stirring]

[Speaker 2 is sitting with couple in café. Couple is nodding as he speaks]

>> Speaker 2: Something about saving for a car? Perhaps buy a home?

[Speaker 2 is now sitting with a woman – Speaker 3 - at the same café table]

>> Speaker 3: Big on my bucket list.

>> Speaker 2: Yeah.

>> Speaker 3: Base camp, Everest.

[Speaker 2 now sitting with family – mother and father with young son]

>> Speaker 2: Save for retirement which, you know, something we- we all hope to do.

[Focus is on just Speaker 2]

>> Speaker 2: Um, I actually know someone who's a long-time client

[Speaker 2 is now with single man – Speaker 4. Camera cuts to just Speaker 4 smiling]

>> Speaker 2: and he, uh, he's got some goals.

[Camera pulls back to show Connor McDavid walking into café behind Speaker 4. Speaker 2 points to Connor.]

>> Speaker 2: Oh, here he is. Hey, Connor, how's it going?

[Camera cuts to Speaker 4, who turns to see Connor McDavid]

[Speaker 4 stands, excited. Speaker 4 and Connor shake hands]

>> Speaker 4: Oh my god! (laughs) Nice meeting you

>> Connor McDavid: How are you?

[Connor is now standing with couple from earlier – Speaker 5 and 6]

>> Speaker 2: Do you know, do you know who he is?

[Couple stands with Connor, shocked and excited]

>> Speaker 5 (man): Are you kidding me!? [excited and shocked]

>> Speaker 6 (woman): Oh my god!

[Speaker 2 sitting at table]

>> Speaker 2: He knows a little about goals. Connor, actually.

[Camera pulls back to show Speaker 3 sitting as Connor comes up behind her]

 [Speaker 4 turns to see Connor]

>> Speaker 4: Oh my god [laughs]

[Cut to father and little boy from earlier sitting; Connor reaches get high five from little boy]

>> Connor McDavid: Future line mate.

[Cut back to Speaker 2 looking around café, joking]

>> Speaker 2: This- this is like my new office now. You can never have too many goals, right?


Almost anytime. Almost anywhere*

>> Speaker 2 (Voice only): You can never have too many goals, right?

>> Connor McDavid: Couldn't agree more.


Almost anytime. Almost anywhere*. We’ll be there.