"Budgeting for School" Video

November 28, 2014


CIBC: Bringing Advice to your campus. Budgeting for School can be daunting.

Interviewer: How do you guys budget for the school year?

Student 1: Uhh. (laughs)

Student 2: Umm.

Student 3: Yeah, we try. (laughs)

Student 3 & 4 : It's, it's hard.

Interviewer: It is hard.

CIBC: So we asked students for tips on how they budget for the school year. Here's what they had to say.

Student 5: Uhh. Be cheap?

Student 6: I have an allowance for myself, for the week, in terms of cash that I take out.

Student 4: Don't. Buy. Coffees. (laughs)

Interviewer: Don't buy coffee?

Student 3: Be organized.

Student 7: Think long before you make a purchase, if it’s like anything big, or anything like that.

Student 1: Don’t go out to eat every day. Cook for yourself.

Student 8: To have a certain budget per week. And know what your – your excess money in addition to your rent, in addition to your tuition and all that is, right?

CIBC: Well said.

Student 1: Umm.

CIBC: Help make Budgeting Easier. Use the Student Budget Calculator. cibc.com/budget-calculator