Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

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Lessons from Best Managed

Kris Tierney (Chief People Officer, Questrade Inc., Winner since 2011): Definitely attracting and retaining talents is critical for us. I joined the company about eight and a half years ago and since I joined, we have been in a growth pattern. We have never stopped growing. So that includes growing our workforce. So we have very clear strategies in terms of developing our brand as an employer. We understand who our talent is, who our market is, or our target market for talent, and we really implement strategies that appeal to them. So when we go out to attract talent, we make sure that our careers website speaks their language and speaks to the things that are important to them – collaboration, growth opportunities. We use employee testimonials. In fact, employee referrals is our top talent source still even as we continue to grow, which I think is a real testament to our internal culture as well as our brand as an employer. So Millennials are a little bit more unique in that they really rely on their social network. They rely on the opinions and perceptions of other people to make their decisions, or to base their decisions, so using employee referrals as a key sourcing strategy has been very successful for us. And we are very active on social media. LinkedIn is one of our top sources as well. So we are on Twitter, we are on Facebook, we are on YouTube. So we really use social media to appeal to that millennial generation.

Cory Bell (President, J.W. Lindsay Enterprises Limited, Winner since 2013): We have a philosophy of hiring young, right out of school typically. We support the co-op programs in the engineering fields and in the technical fields. We like to have them introduced to our company early. And we like to train and bring them up. We call it the Lindsay way, which is our philosophy on how to do things.

Reg Robinson (Managing Principal, Solvera Solutions, Winner since 2011): In terms of retention, one of our key strategies has been to be an organization with high employee engagement, and our approach to developing high engagement has been to create a sense of community for people and to have a good solid organizational culture. So we have a set of core values, we communicate those values often, and we use those values both in the recruiting process and through our normal performance management process to ensure that people's activities and actions are aligning with the core values of the organization. And so if Recruiting is choosing the right team, then it becomes an easier process to retain people because there is an alignment of values between the individual and the organization.

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