What is Visa Debit?

You can use your CIBC Advantage® Debit Card to shop conveniently and securely with Visa Debit:

  • At your favourite online retailers
  • For in-app purchases, such as paying for your monthly streaming plan or using it on your meal-ordering app
  • In-store when traveling outside of Canada
  • By phone or mail order

The purchase will be deducted from the available funds in your bank account.

How is Visa Debit different from Interac® Debit and Interac Flash®?

While Interac Debit and Interac Flash are used for in-store purchases within Canada, Visa Debit can be used to shop online, in-app, by phone and mail order, and when you’re abroad.

Only Visa Debit purchases, not Interac Debit and Interac Flash, count towards the 3 purchases needed to qualify for the $60 offer.

Can I make Visa Debit purchases with Apple Pay?

Yes, you can add your Visa Debit card to your Apple Pay wallet with the CIBC Mobile Banking app. Your card will display as two separate cards in your mobile wallet: one for Interac Debit and one for Visa Debit. Remember to select Visa Debit for your 3 purchases to qualify for the $60 offer.

Android users: Visa Debit is not currently available in Google Pay or Samsung pay.