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(Tax-Free Savings Account)


 Great for short-, medium- or long-term investing goals

 Pay no tax on the interest, income or capital gains you earn

 Withdraw funds tax-free at any time

 $0 annual administration fee

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(Registered Retirement Savings Plan)


 Great for long-term investing goals like retirement

 Tax deduction for contribution

 Pay no tax on the earnings and growth within your RRSP until you withdraw the funds

 Use the funds in your RRSP to help with the purchase of your first home or for your post-secondary education

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Cash account


 Flexible and suitable for short- or long-term goals

 Transfer funds quickly and easily to and from your CIBC bank account

 Choose from Individual or Joint accounts


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Margin account


 Great for experienced investors

 Increase your buying power by borrowing funds against your investments

 Eligible for option trading privileges


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