We can help ease your financial worries.

Support can include:

Deferring payments on mortgages, loans and credit card bills
Re-amortizing mortgage payments to lower monthly costs
Crediting client accounts for any fees caused by overdrafts, insufficient funds or early withdrawals on term deposits
Waiving monthly service fees, transaction fees and non-CIBC ATM withdrawal fees on all personal accounts for the next 6 months
Skipping payments on your credit cards for 4 months without having to contact us. Please call if you need an extension
Expediting access to unsecured personal lines of credit and loans of up to $10,000 through our Emergency Loan Assistance Program (ELAP)

Special accommodation for small business and commercial clients affected by the fire

Along with this multi-million-dollar commitment to our clients in direct financial relief, CIBC has been working with the Alberta Food Banks and together with our employees, we recently donated nearly $400,000 to help fill your fridges and cupboards with heathy food to make the return home easier. CIBC also donated $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to support the people of Fort McMurray.

 Talk to us today. Drop by your banking centre, or call CIBC toll free at 1-877-454-9030 to discuss your financial needs.