Payfirma Merchant Services

A simple way to collect debit and credit card payments

CIBC can connect you with external vendors such as Payfirma to help you collect debit and credit card payments.

Payfirma offers a range of hardware and software solutions to help you accept debit and credit card payments in stores, online through your company website, or and even remotely using smartphones* and tablets.

Payfirma's secure payment platform processes transactions and keeps data from all sales channels in one place. This allows Payfirma to provide you with real-time, consolidated reporting on all your sales, and helps you make smarter business decisions about your customers, products and employees.

Improve customer service

  • Offer convenience to your customers by providing them with multiple ways to pay
  • Bring service to your customers homes by accepting payments online or in the field using mobile devices

Increase sales opportunities and help reduce costs

  • Accept payments across multiple channels - mobile, in-store and online - to increase sales opportunities
  • Get faster access to your funds, avoid trips to the bank and reduce the costs associated with collecting and processing cheques by having funds deposited directly to your bank account

Stay in control

  • Get real-time, consolidated reporting when you want it - not at the end of the month
  • Access robust data to identify your top-performing sales teams or employees as well as your most loyal customers

Run your business your way

CIBC Cash Management Solutions can help you take better control of your banking needs - giving you more time to focus on what matters to your business.

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