CIBC Cashable Escalating Rate GIC®

The CIBC Cashable Escalating Rate GIC offers guaranteed premium returns, rates that increase each year, and access to your money on each anniversary date or up to 7 days after.

With a CIBC Cashable Escalating Rate GIC, you deposit money for 3 or 5 years, at guaranteed interest rates. Your original investment amount is always guaranteed in full - even if you withdraw prior to maturity.


  • Cashable

Minimum investment

  • $500

Terms available

  • 3 and 5 years

Access to funds

  • You can withdraw all or some of your money (minimum $500) on each anniversary date - or up to 7 days after -and still earn interest*
  • At least $500 in principal must remain on deposit after a partial withdrawal; otherwise, the full balance of the GIC will be redeemed
  • If you redeem within 7 days after an anniversary date, you get interest to the redemption date based on the preceding year's (years') interest rate(s) disclosed at the time of purchase


  • Rate increases each year of the term
  • Two interest payment options are available:
    • Simple interest: paid annually
    • Compound interest: compounded annually and paid at maturity

Is this GIC right for your business?

The CIBC Cashable Escalating Rate GIC could be right for your business if any of the following apply:

  • You want superior rates over a three- or five-year term
  • You want the option of cashability
  • You seek the benefit of an escalating rate each year
  • You want a guaranteed return and 100% protection of your investment

Useful information:

  • Principal and interest are automatically renewed unless you instruct otherwise prior to maturity

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