Business Transition Planning

Business Transition Planning: Preparing for the Future (PDF, 915 KB) 

At CIBC Small Business, we're committed to helping you succeed in your business and build a plan that will help you to reach your retirement goals. Did you know that 43% of family-owned Canadian businesses don't have a succession plan in place? Read the report to get helpful tips on making business transitions smooth and successful.

Canada's Best Managed Companies talk Business Transition Planning

Business transition planning is critical to a company's long-term sustainability and success. Close to half of Canada's business owners expect to retire in the next ten years, yet many of them admit they are ill-prepared to transition their business successfully. See how some of Canada's best managed companies are managing their eventual business transition.

How to get started on a business transition plan
A business transition plan has many benefits, regardless of the size of your business and what stage of the business cycle it's in.

Meet the Smith's — Case Study (PDF, 345 KB) 
One of the most important steps in transition planning is engaging your advisors, including your CIBC business advisor. Read this case study to see how CIBC can be a helpful resource in your transition planning.


Planning for your Retirement

Your retirement checklist
We've developed this retirement planning checklist to help you because we know there are many details involved in planning for your retirement.

Retirement planning for small business owners
Creating a retirement savings plan can be considerably more complex for small business owners than for other people, because there is more to think about.

Entrepreneurs prepare with RRSP savings
As a small business owner, you want to bring the same careful forward-thinking planning to your retirement objectives as you do to your business objectives. With that in mind, these strategies have the potential to enhance the performance of your RRSP.