Transcript — Skidmore Portrait

[Paintings are shown.] 

[Shaun Downey is painting in the background.] 

Shaun: The magic of portrait painting is that it’s all stages, it’s all paint, it’s all technique until that person and the life that person has lived appears on the canvas. 

[Shaun is speaking directly into the camera.]

[Shaun Downey.]


It’s not just about the technique of the portrait it’s also about seeing the emotion and the soul 

[Another painting is shown.]

to capture the essence of that person.

[Shaun hangs a canvas onto the wall.]


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[Garry and Allan walk upstairs to enter Shaun’s studio.]

>>Garry: When I heard about this project I didn’t know what to expect. 

[Garry is speaking directly into the camera.] 

I didn’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to let alone have myself painted, 

[Garry Skidmore. President of Skidmore Group. CIBC Private Wealth Client.]

but to have me and my father painted together — that’s pretty special.

[Allan and Garry enter the studio.]

[Shaun is shown.]

>>Shaun: Hello gentleman.

[Allan and Garry stand together.]

>>Allan: Hello, there.

>>Shaun: Hi there. Good to meet you, I’m Shaun.

[Allan steps forward and shakes Shaun’s hand.] 

>>Allan: I’m Allan.

[Garry steps forward and shakes Shaun’s hand.]

>>Garry: I’m Garry.

>>Shaun: Good to meet you guys.

>>Garry: Nice to meet you.

>>Shaun: So, what do you guys think? 

[Shaun extends his arms around him. A woman stands in the background.]

>>Garry: Beautiful. 

>>Shaun: Right? 

>>Allan: Yeah. Nice building.

>>Shaun: I know that glass is a part of your business and I thought that was pretty cool.

[Allan and Garry stand together.]

>>Allan: It was, yes, yes.

[Allan speaks directly into the camera.]

[Allan Skidmore. Chairman of Skidmore Group. CIBC Private Wealth Client]

Meeting Shaun was very unique because I’ve never met an artist 

like this before, so I was very impressed and he is very friendly at the same time.

[Allan Skidmore. Chairman of Skidmore Group. CIBC Private Wealth Client.]

[Allan and Garry stand together. Alex makes a camera clicking gesture.]

[Allan, Garry and Shaun stand together. Shaun is shown smiling and laughing.]

>>Garry: Shaun was great from the beginning. 

[Allan and Garry stand together.]

He came in, took the stress out of the room it was a nice experience. 

[Garry and Allan pose looking out of the window as Shaun takes their portrait.]

[Allan and Garry stand together at the window.]

And just to know I’m in a glass manufacturing building from a company that I buy glass from today, It was like “wow” this was meant to be.

[Garry looks out the window.] 

[Shaun holds his camera to take a photograph.] [Allan is shown in the camera screen.]

>>Allan: I do hope that Shaun captures the father son that work together, that will show the feeling of what I’ve been trying to do for a number of years.

[Allan and Garry stand together at the window.]

[Shaun positions his camera.]

[Garry puts his arm around his father and pose for the picture.]

>>Garry: We work side by side, every single day, and have for 20 plus years, so he’s got a lot of wisdom. 

[Camera lens is shown.]

[Garry speaks directly into the camera.]

I want to learn from that and take it to the next generation.

[Shaun looks into the camera lens.]

[Shaun and Allan speak to each another and Allan takes off his jacket.]

>>Shaun: As a photoshoot goes on, and they settle into it. That’s when the more relaxed poses come and that’s when I think “okay, this is who they are, this is who I want to capture”. 

[Allan puts his coat over his shoulder and Garry straightens Allan’s tie.]

[Garry and Allan continue to pose next to the window.]

[Shaun stares into his camera.]

[Shaun, Garry, and Allan walk down the street together.]

It’s really about getting to know the person, getting to know what makes them them.

[Shaun and Garry walk side by side.]

I then step back into the studio and get to know them on a deeper level. 

[Shaun walks into his studio with a camera bag at his side.]

[A computer screen is shown.]

[Shaun is working at his computer and looking at the photographs.]

I’m really getting comfortable with them and they become almost like a friend.

[Adobe Photoshop is displayed on the computer screen.]

When they’re looking out the window it just had this very calm strength to it. 

[Shaun is shown.]

It really had a sense of looking back, looking forward. 

[Adobe Photoshop is on the computer screen.]

[Shaun is speaking directly into the camera.]

Trying to capture not only them but their entire journey their family’s been on with this business. 

[Shaun sketches the image of the Skidmore’s onto the canvas.] 

I always start with the drawing, and the drawing aspect is sort of like an introduction. I feel like I get to know them more than they get to know me because I’ve spent so much time in the process because I spent so much time with their face and I get to know every wrinkle of their eye or the angle of their nose.

[Shaun paints the portrait. Time lapse effect is shown.]

I’m painting the version of them that I find beautiful. As you build the layers and you thicken the paint, that person starts to become real. When you look at a canvas and see someone looking back at you, there’s a connection that artwork, and you feel like you know that person and signing the painting for me is like the big moment, you know, the final celebration. 

[Some of the finished portrait is shown.]

When I can express who a person is, I feel like I’ve built an intimate connection with them. And when you can communicate that as an artist the sense of satisfaction is immense. 

[Shaun steps back from his portrait slowly and walks away.] 

[Artists capture the real you. So do we.]

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[Special thanks to Allan Skidmore, Garry Skidmore and Shaun Downey.] 

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