Transcript: Financial Portrait

[A man is standing on a rooftop looking out onto the city.]

Charles Pachter (voiceover): There was never a time in my life when I didn’t find higher meaning while I was painting. 

[Charles Pachter - Artist]

The biggest challenge when you do a portrait: can you observe and capture the essence of your subject?

[A selection of Charles Patcher’s artwork up close.]

[Portraits, presented by CIBC Private Wealth Management]

[Charles Patcher walks to open the door for Dr. Jozef Straus, Founder JDS Uniphase and CIBC Private Wealth Client.]

Charles: Hi there. Welcome, how do you do?

>> Jozef: Very well, what a nice place you have, amazing.

>> Charles: Thank you so much.

>> Jozef: This is the first time my portrait is officially painted or will be painted and I’m quite excited about that.

[Jozef Straus is speaking directly to the camera.]

Mr. Charles Pachter is a well-known artist, has beautiful art and it has a certain degree of whimsicality about it.

[Charles is taking Jozef around the room looking through his artwork. We see more of Charles Patcher’s paintings up close.]

[Jozef is speaking directly to the camera.]

>> Jozef: I hope he catches the whimsicality, what I wanted to convey.

[Charles is taking photographs of Jozef using a tablet.]

>> Charles: Do that, do that. That’s nice. That’s beautiful, beautiful. 

Charles (voiceover): You have to find the essence, it’s in that subtle smile, in that sparkle in his eyes, can you reach that happy moment when all the time you’ve spent communicating, getting to know each other results in an affectionate glimpse into the soul of that person. 

[The two are sitting on a sofa talking and then move to a table to take more photos.]

>> Jozef: Until you meet the person, you don’t know. A guy walks in a stranger, to a door, and now you have to settle him down. Now, you have to make him relaxed. That he’s going to convey who you are.

[Charles Patcher is editing a photo he took of Jozef Straus on a computer.]

>> Charles (voiceover): At one point, that one image of him with the hands gesturing just blew me away. I said, “There’s something about that, that is amazing.”

[Charles walks into his studio, turns on the lights, and begins to paint the portrait.]

Charles (voiceover): I think the first nine hours were the crucial times. I was filled with creative anxiety, but I knew the most crucial moment was when I picked up the pencil and you hope and pray inside that you’re getting it right. 

[Music. We see a time lapse of Charles painting the portrait.] 

Charles (voiceover): It all becomes material that contributes towards communicating my feelings about them, with poignancy and with delicacy and honesty. You catch that spontaneity, you catch that moment, and you go, “Yes. Don’t lose this. Hang with it.” And away I go.

[Charles painting with time lapse effect. He steps back from the painting when he finishes.]

Charles: And I’m humming to myself and I’m going, “Yes, this is working. This is working.” 

[Charles is speaking directly to camera.]

[We see close ups of the completed portrait in sections.]

>> Jozef (voiceover): If somebody gets you and somebody understands you, it’s very rewarding, because then you’re going on the same path.

[The whole completed portrait is shown on the wall.] 

[Artists capture the real you. So do we. CIBC Private Wealth Management logo. Text appears on screen with the portrait in the background.]

[Special thanks to Dr. Jozef Straus and Charles Pachter.]