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If you're like many newcomers to Canada, one of your top financial goals is likely to own a home in your new country. With that in mind, you've likely considered how much you can afford as a down payment, what you're looking for in a home and what neighbourhood you'd prefer. What might be less clear is how to decide which mortgage solution makes the most sense for you.

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A CIBC advisor can help you review your overall financial goals to help you ensure you have the right mortgage for your needs.

No Canadian credit history?

As a Newcomer to Canada, you can qualify even without a Canadian credit history1.

Other considerations

It is important to be aware of all the "extra" costs associated with buying a home, such as lawyer's fees, provincial/municipal transfer fees, moving costs.

Once you have moved in, you will have ongoing costs like maintenance, property taxes, home insurance, and utilities. To find out how much you can afford for a home, try our online mortgage calculator.

Consulting a mobile mortgage advisor will help you determine the smartest solution for you.

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