Enjoy life. Invest for your future

Investing today for a more rewarding tomorrow

Spending time with family. Travelling. Making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones. It's activities like these that make our lives so enjoyable and fulfilling.

To make it all happen just the way you envision, it's important to start investing in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) now. Enjoy the potential tax benefits of making contributions today, while making your retirement rewarding for tomorrow.

Planning for a secure and comfortable retirement takes a certain amount of investing know-how. At CIBC, our advisors have the experience, expertise and tools to help you choose the right investment solutions for your retirement goals.

Reality check: Are you covering the basics?

To ensure you're on track to a comfortable retirement, you should...

Know how much income you will need to support your chosen retirement lifestyle

Identify which sources of income you will have in retirement (i.e., pensions, RRSPs, non-registered investments)

Review your investment plan, at least annually, to ensure you have the right investment solutions and diversification to help you stay on track to meet your desired retirement time and goals

Are you getting the most out of your RRSP?

Contributing to your RRSP each year is just the beginning. The maximum amount you can contribute to an RRSP annually is 18% of your prior year's earned income (up to an annual limit of $24,270 for the 2014 tax year), less any applicable pension adjustment and plus any unused RRSP contribution room from prior years and any pension adjustment reversal.

A key part of planning for retirement is thinking about what you can do now to build your RRSP.

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Does your RRSP include investments with guaranteed rates and the flexibility to take advantage of any interest rate environment?
  2. Are your RRSP investments managed and monitored by leading investment managers?
  3. Have you taken advantage of any unused RRSP contribution room?
  4. Do you invest on a regular basis in order to maximize your RRSP?

If you have answered "Not Yet" to any of the questions above, then learn how to invest today and for your future with easy RRSP solutions.


Be realistic about how much you think you'll need in retirement:

if you plan to travel, remember to include the cost of travel and medical insurance

do your best to ensure all payments on major debts (mortgage, loans, credit card balances) will be behind you so you'll be debt-free

consider inflation when you estimate your expenses in retirement

consider the needs of parents or children during your retirement years

Invest the fast and easy way from the comfort of your home

You can contribute to your RRSP in minutes through RRSP Express®. By having a CIBC bank account, you'll be able to open a new CIBC RRSP or purchase CIBC RRSP GICs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, by visiting RRSP Express or calling 1-800-465-3863.

Or, if you have a CIBC Mutual Funds RRSP account (including CIBC Family of Managed Portfolios), you can call 1-800-465-3863 to make an RRSP contribution.

CIBC Investor's Edge®1

For self-directed investors…

Self-directed investing with CIBC Investor's Edge means taking control of your financial future. It's about making your own decisions, and having the tools to do so efficiently. CIBC Investor's Edge offers:

Real-time quotes, account and market information

A wide range of account and investment choices, including stocks, bonds, GICs and over 2,000 mutual funds

The savings you deserve. Learn more about our competitive pricing.


RRSP Action Plan

Determine my RRSP contribution

Consider any unused contribution room from previous years

Determine my total funds available for contribution

Determine how much I need to borrow

Review my RRSP investment options

Meet with or call a CIBC advisor to discuss RRSP investment options

Start a Regular Investment Plan for my RRSP contribution

For more information on CIBC RRSPs, RRIFs and LIFs, call:

  • CIBC Mutual Funds and CIBC Managed Portfolio Services: 1-800-465-3863
  • CIBC Personal Portfolio Services: 1-888-357-8777
  • CIBC RRSP GICs: 1-800-465-3863
  • CIBC RRIF or LIF GICs: 1-800-465-3863