About the CIBC T-Bill Rate GIC

With a CIBC T-Bill Rate GIC, you deposit your money with us for 90 to 100 days, and earn interest at a fixed rate which is higher than our regular 90-day GIC rate.


Minimum investment
$25,000 (up to $200,000)

Terms available
90 to 100 days

Access to principal
at maturity only

Simple interest is paid at maturity only

Is it for you?

The CIBC T-Bill Rate GIC could be for you if any of the following apply:

  • You have a large investment to park for a short time, perhaps before making a major purchase or investment decision.
  • You value the stability and security of a fixed-term investment for some or all of your portfolio.

Useful information
This GIC is issued by CIBC and qualifies as collateral for loans.

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