What makes this GIC different?

The interest rate is fixed, adding security and predictability to your portfolio.

This GIC is for you if you:

  • Are saving for something longer term like a future down payment on a home or retirement
  • Want to earn a guaranteed interest rate
  • Know you won’t need the money for a specific period of time

When can I access my money?

  • You can access your money at maturity only. If you need the money before the GIC matures, consider a CIBC Variable Rate GIC

When is interest paid?

  • Simple interest is paid monthly, semi-annually or annually
  • Compound interest is calculated annually and paid at maturity

What else should I know?

  • It’s non-registered and non-redeemable before maturity
  • The minimum contribution is $1,000
  • It’s available to CIBC clients only
  • Principal and interest are automatically renewed at maturity into a Long-Term GIC with the same term

Think you might need access to funds within a year?
Consider the CIBC Variable Rate GIC

Want the benefit of investing in the markets, but none of the risk of losing your principle investment?
Consider CIBC Market Linked GICs


$1,000 – $4,999

$5,000 – $999,999

12 months



18 months



30 months



60 months