$20 Tim Cash™ Welcome Bonus2

That’s enough to make you a hero in your study group

Earn 1% Tim Cash™ on all purchases1

Redeem it instantly3 at Tim Hortons for your favourite goodies

Free Tims treats just for being a cardholder

Get free featured products every weekend, early access to new products and exclusive offers4

No annual fee
Each additional card (up to 3): $0

Interest rate
RDSRDS%rate[2].VPARO.rate(null,null,6,null)(#R#)% for purchases5
RDSRDS%rate[2].VPARO.rate(null,null,3,null)(#R#)% for cash5

No minimum income requirement

Calculate how much Tim Cash you could be earning

This tool is currently unavailable. Please see Overview and Advice.

More to love about this card

Tim Hortons cup and smartphone

Pay how you want

Lighten your wallet with dual card technology — it’s both a CIBC Visa* credit card and a Tim Card®

Coffee and donut

Redeem Tim Cash

No saving up for ages to get rewards — collect and redeem Tim Cash often and instantly3

Valuable insurance included with your card

Purchase Security and Extended Protection Insurance6

Get more out of student life