John’s story:
Unexpected expenses

John was driving home from a family dinner when his car broke down in the middle of the road. A week after bringing it to the auto shop, he got a hefty $4,000 bill for repairs. When his CIBC Aventura credit card monthly statement arrived, John couldn’t pay the full outstanding amount as he had just used his savings on a down payment for his new condo. John only made a partial payment and struggled for months to catch up on the overdue payments. 

How did we help?

While speaking with a CIBC credit counsellor, John found out that he had Aventura Points. Our CIBC credit counsellor informed John of the Pay with Points feature.

John had enough points to cover the past due payments on his credit card. He converted all of his Aventura Points and paid off the arrears with the help of our agents. 

We help people like John everyday.