Make your basement apartment cozy, bright, and inviting

As everyone knows, I think a basement apartment is a great asset to a home - I even lived in my first one for 8 years! However, when you live in a basement apartment sometimes you need be creative with how you decorate the space in order to maintain that cozy, bright, and inviting feeling that everyone is looking for in their home. When I was living in my basement apartment I found focusing on these 3 things to be really helpful: paint, plants, and light. These little changes are easy, affordable, and can go a long way.

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Focus your attention on light and bright colors. This helps to provide a more open feel that will make the rooms in your home seem larger, brighter, and more inviting. If you're renting and your landlord doesn't allow you to paint the apartment, focus on light colored furniture and decorations. It will provide a more open feel throughout.

Add Plants

Brighten up your basement by decorating with plants. Place your plants near any natural light sources. If your light sources are limited, invest in shade plants. Bamboo is one plant to think about because it grows well in limited light.

Light It Up!

Some basement apartments have small windows and limited light. This can make for a dark, cramped space. Optimizing all of the natural light available to you is important so I suggest you do everything you can to encourage natural sunlight in your apartment. You can do this by avoiding any blockage near your windows or using bulbs that mimic sun rays to make up for the lack of natural sunlight available to you. Hanging a mirror on the opposite wall of a window also helps to reflect the natural light in your apartment.

Using the right decorations to enhance the space you have can lighten up any home whether it's a basement or not. Focus on enhancing the areas of your home you like most and others will notice those parts too.