CIBC Lockbox

Eliminate in-house remittance processing for receivables

A CIBC Lockbox eliminates in-house cheque and invoice processing for payments you receive from your corporate clients. We handle the entire process - from opening the mail to sending you the information you need to update your receivables - giving you faster access to your payments. Lockbox locations are available in Canada and the U.S.

Get access to your funds faster

  • CIBC offers Lockbox locations across Canada and the U.S. helping reduce the time it takes for a cheque to reach your account
  • We handle cheque and invoice processing on your behalf, making the process more efficient so you can concentrate on what matters most to your business

Lower your operating costs

  • CIBC Lockbox Service eliminates the manual process associated with payment processing - saving you time and money
  • All aspects of the process are handled on your behalf - including opening the mail, capturing payment details, preparing control reports and organizing the deposit

Outsource remittance processing to an expert

  • Lower your operating costs by outsourcing a critical part of your receivables management to CIBC's business banking experts

Automate your receivables process

  • CIBC provides an electronic file listing details for all invoices paid
  • You can use this file to automatically update your receivables ledger making it easier and more efficient to reconcile and manage your accounts

Establish a presence in locations where you don't have an office

  • Instead of sending payments to a remote head office location, your clients can send them to a familiar address nearby - reducing mail float time
  • CIBC can set up a Lockbox in the location most convenient for your clients
  • Lockbox locations are available in Canada and the U.S.

Run your business your way

CIBC Cash Management Solutions can help you take better control of your banking needs - giving you more time to focus on what matters to your business. Get started today:

  • Talk to your CIBC Representative for details or call our Business Contact Centre at 1-888-947-7736

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