Estate Planning and Trusts

As an accomplished business leader, you understand the value of careful planning for you and your family. You require superior retirement and estate planning advice in order to ensure a healthy financial future.

CIBC can suggest wealth preservation and estate planning solutions in conjunction with our partners and your legal or other tax advisors.

Estate planning services could be for you if:

  • you are planning to sell a family business.
  • you have a young family and want to provide financial security for your spouse, children and grandchildren as they grow.
  • you have a mature, financially self-sufficient family, but you want to reduce the potential tax burden associated with transferring your estate.
  • your net worth has changed.
  • you want to ensure that your estate provides lasting benefits to your dependents.
  • you have experienced a change in your personal or family situation.

Key benefits

  • suggestions to improve the tax effectiveness of your estate
  • tips on how to preserve valued assets by creating estate liquidity to pay immediate expenses, including taxes
  • suggestions on how trusts can accomplish estate-planning goals and may also be useful in maintaining the privacy of your financial affairs, income-splitting, or ensuring the proper investment management of your assets for a spouse or other beneficiary

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