Cheque Imaging

CIBC Image Library is Windows® based menu-driven software that allows you to effectively and conveniently manage the way you store and retrieve cheques. CIBC Image Library uses proven technology, and upgrades are sent to you right on the CD with your imaged cheques.

Why use CIBC Image Library?

  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Image Library allows your personnel to access an image of an original cheque promptly, thanks to the convenience of having images stored on CD. In addition to improving customer satisfaction, it will improve supplier and employee satisfaction as well.
  • Take advantage of your PC's power
    With the power of your PC, you can create a database that works for you. Image Library works with other applications that probably already exist on your PC - things like word processing programs, direct faxing, and e-mail.
  • Save time
    Most companies can store a year's worth of cheques on 12 CDs (one per month). This eliminates the need to search through boxes in your storage facility for a cancelled cheque.

What's the bottom line on CIBC Imaging?

Our Toronto Data Centre will image your paid cheques or lockbox cheques. A CD with all the relevant cheque information captured from the MICR line and indexed to the cheque image will be created on the frequency you choose. Using the search engine that is part of the software program, you can specify search criteria based on the information on the MICR line.

Service Features

  • CIBC provides Image Library software
  • the CD can be created and delivered on a specific cycle (e.g., calendar month, weekly, daily)
  • the front and back of each cheque will be imaged on the CD
  • each CD holds approximately 15,000 to 20,000 business size cheques
  • multiple accounts (CAD and USD) can be captured on the same CD
  • software technical support is provided
  • optional services: storage of physical cheques

Service Features, cont'd

  • System (minimum) requirements to get you started:
    • Computer Type: Pentium or better IBM compatible PC
    • Memory (RAM): 32MB
    • Hard Drive: the hard drive must have at least 20 MB of space plus additional space for the cheque information. This additional space is contingent on the number of CDs you intend to store. Generally, each CD takes up about 10MB on the hard drive.
    • Video: VGA (SVGA 800 x 600 resolution recommended)
    • Peripherals:
      • CD ROM drive
      • a Windows® installed printer (300 dpi preferred) is required if printing from the application
      • a Windows® based fax system is required if printing from the application
    • Operating System: Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0

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