Payment Services in Canada

Among Canadian providers of payment processing, CIBC is a major provider of funds transfer services for correspondent banks globally. Whether you are looking for treasury settlement or retail and/or commercial payment services, our comprehensive payment services have been designed to meet your needs.

Our full range of payment services include:

  • Treasury settlement, including Continuous Linked Settlement
  • Retail & Commercial payment service
  • Cash settlement of securities
  • Customer transfers to beneficiaries in Canada
  • Disbursements
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Correspondent Online Banking

Key benefits

1. Timely, accurate and secure payment processing

  • Benefit from our experienced payment professionals dedicated to meeting your needs; our payment processing operations in Toronto receive, process and deliver payments throughout Canada and the world in a secure and timely manner
  • Send us your financial instructions including deposits, collections and documentary credits, and we'll process your payments, via SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)
  • Make payments to beneficiaries in all major currencies anywhere in Canada via our treasury settlement and retail and commercial payment services; payments will be processed with same-day value if they are received with all the required information by our stated cut-off times
  • Send us your financial instructions for securities, trading, deposits, collections and documentary credits by SWIFT; we'll automatically route them to the appropriate department for action

2. Comprehensive and timely activity notification

  • Receive your incoming and outgoing payment activities in real-time via MT910 (credit confirmation) and MT900 (debit confirmation) messages respectively

3. Dedicated and experienced customer service

  • Our dedicated and experienced Customer Service Help Desk team is multilingual and can assist you in the investigation of all account activity, including payments, cash letters and collections
  • Our fully integrated investigation system allows us to address your inquiries in a timely manner
  • SWIFT inquiries are normally addressed within 1 business day

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