Robert Chamberland 
Inclusive Design and Content Strategy Consultant

Robert Chamberland is more than just an Inclusive Design and Content Strategy Consultant at CIBC Digital. He’s a champion of digital accessibility and an advocate for a future where everyone has equal opportunity, ability and power to change the world. “Apart from digital inclusion being my role, it’s also an approach, a perspective and a philosophy,” he says. “It’s the mindset that you can design, build and deliver a process, product or service so there are fewer or no obstacles to using it — to think of everything.” 

Chamberland lost his hearing when he was 4. Now, he’s combining his life experience with the persuasive power of the digital platform to build awareness for the importance of providing a fair playing ground for all. “When you look at the history of progress or innovation, the vast majority of high-impact social and technological advancements have been about removing obstacles or barriers for wider groups,” he says. “It’s all about lifting people up rather than keeping them down, increasing potential rather than limiting it.”

Chamberland has been at CIBC for more than 2 years, yet his impact has influenced all aspects of the enterprise — from awareness to action to advice. “My role is to be in the thick of things, to advise projects on how to build our products to be inclusive and accessible for all,” he adds. “There’s a huge appetite for this across CIBC, so I regularly provide consults to teams outside of Digital, across the enterprise.”

Working alongside everyone from designers, editors, developers, testers and business consultants, Chamberland enjoys the ongoing cause and commitment to accessibility and inclusivity by a team that offers unrelenting support and a bright path towards the future. “I like working with a team of about 450 individuals who honestly and truly believe in innovating towards inclusion, in expanding our reach, opening new horizons of participation for more and wider groups,” he says.  “You can’t help but feel CIBC is leaping forward and very well positioned to meet the future.”