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Miracle Day
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About Miracle Day - Europe

Each year, on the first Wednesday in December, the employees and clients of CIBC participate in a major fund raising effort on behalf of children's charities throughout the world. The fund raising campaign is known as CIBC Miracle Day.

How funds are raised on Miracle Day

Funds are raised at a number of events hosted by CIBC for clients and staff. We also receive tremendous support from our suppliers and charities, who donate gifts for the various raffles and auctions held at these events.

Our charities also work closely with us each year, providing advice with our events, arranging celebrity appearances as well as inviting our staff to take part in their own events, such as: sponsored runs, treks, cycle rides and many more. Working with the charities is a very rewarding experience and many of our staff form lasting relationships with a charity, often becoming lifelong supporters.

Finally, it wouldn't happen without the staff of CIBC, who each year expend a great deal of energy running thousands of miles, losing hundreds of kilograms in weight, bungee-jumping, sky-diving, rowing the Channel and organizing numerous events.

As the number of charities and competition for funding increases, the CIBC Children's Foundation looks to add value to the donations it provides. This is done through providing donations 'in kind'. For instance, there are many essential regulatory requirements that charities are now expected to fulfil, many similar to the requirements financial institutions are expected to practice. We can provide advice and practical assistance in areas of relevance. Examples include:

  • Risk and health and safety assessments
  • IT security policies
  • Business recovery planning
  • Anti-money laundering
CIBC Children's Foundation