Think banks are dinosaurs?
Think again.

CIBC Live Labs is our innovation and digital technology centre in Toronto's MaRS Discovery District. We challenge ourselves to see the world through the eyes of the client, then build and test our way to success.

Oh, and we have a ton of fun!

Build. Launch. Learn. Repeat.

Every six weeks we work on a new experiment to help advance the future experience for our CIBC clients.

Here are a few of our recent projects:

Apple Watch

Apple watch

Our first banking app on a wearable

The Future of Authentication


Passwords are obsolete (almost). So what comes next?

Digital Mortgages

Digital Mortgages

We reimagined the mortgage process - and are making it a reality

Voice Banking

Voice Banking

In the car, at home, on the go, we're making banking easier

Family Banking

Family Banking

Shared savings goals and easy transfers between family members

The Future Branch

The Future Banking Centre

As transactions move to self-serve, what role will the banking centre play?


Our Culture

We're technophiles and collaborators who look for every opportunity to learn something new. We're a little bit weird, but it works. In case you're wondering, transform is our favourite word.