Investment advice and access

With CIBC Imperial Investor Service, you enjoy expert advice and online access.

  • Information, including accounts, research and tools, and trading.
  • CIBC products and products from other financial institutions.
  • Expertise and information from your advisor.

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CIBC's smart investment research and tools

  • CIBC World Markets research.
  • North American securities performance charting.
  • Portfolio customization and tracking.
  • Price and volume stock alerts via e-mail or wireless.

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Allocate assets carefully

Each month, why not pay yourself first by contributing to a regular investment plan? Instead of spending money that's not budgeted for something specific, put it where it can help you achieve your financial goals. Better still, think of it as another bill, and ask to have it taken out of your account each month. Smart and simple.

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Whether you're looking to save for short-term goals, like a vacation, or for longer-term plans, like buying a house or retirement, we offer GIC solutions to help you meet your unique needs. Terms can range from 30 days to seven years. And many CIBC GICs can be held in RRSP, RRIF and RESP accounts.

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