A faster way to connect

We’ve introduced new features to give you a better
experience when you call CIBC .

  • Quickly connect to the right representative
  • Save time with self-authentication
  • Take advantage of new automated features

What’s new?

The following features are now available to you.


Quickly identify yourself by entering
your online user ID and password —
no more security questions.

Request a call

No need to wait on hold.
Automatically receive a call when
the next representative is available.

Password reset

You can also use our fast, secure
system to reset your password
yourself, from wherever you are.

An advanced new way to identify yourself

We’re excited to introduce voice biometrics,
a system that converts the unique characteristics
of your voice to a voiceprint — like a fingerprint.

Benefits of using voice biometrics
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s secure because no one can replicate your voice
  • Your voice becomes your password —you can’t forget it
Frequently asked questions
How do I enroll for self-authentication?
If you already have an online user ID and password, you’re already enrolled.

If you don’t have an online user ID, call us at to set one up.
What do I do if self-authentication doesn’t work?
You can make a selection in our phone system and be directed to a representative who will simply ask a few questions to authenticate you.
What if I can’t remember my User ID or password?
Not to worry. Call us at and a representative will help you.
Is my voiceprint really unique?
Yes. A voiceprint encompasses over a hundred different behavioural and physical characteristics that represents your voice. It’s as unique as your fingerprint.
How do I enroll in voice biometrics?
To enroll in voice biometrics, call us at and a representative will help you.
I’m concerned about privacy. I don’t like the idea of CIBC recording my voice.
We understand your concern. We only record your voice to create the voiceprint, which is just a digital representation of your voice that only works with our system.

A voiceprint is not an audio recording or something that can be stolen. We only store a numeric sequence that represents the shape and size of your vocal tract, which we compare against your voice each time you call. It cannot be used to gain access to any other system, nor can it be used to reverse-engineer your voice.