Introducing the newest way to pay – the CIBC Mobile Payment App, another innovative mobile solution from CIBC, a leader in mobile banking.

The new CIBC Mobile Payment App makes mobile purchasing with your CIBC credit card easy and safe. Whether you’re buying coffee…, movie tickets…, gas…, groceries – or other purchases under $50 – you can pay with your smartphone. Just look for a participating store displaying this Contactless logo. And, for even greater convenience, you can use the new payment app when you’re travelling outside of Canada.

When you make purchases with the new CIBC Mobile Payment App, you’ll enjoy the same security benefits as your CIBC credit card. Including a special encryption process to protect against fraudulent use, and protection from unauthorized transactions. For even greater security, you can chose to set up an optional personal passcode to lock the app when it’s not in use - so it’s locked even if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

With the convenience and security of mobile payments, there’s no more fumbling for cash – you just use your smartphone and go.

All your mobile purchases will be tracked on your CIBC credit card statement, so you can easily monitor your monthly spending. Plus, if you’ve got a CIBC rewards credit card, the more you use the App to pay for those small purchases, the more rewards you’ll earn.

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