CIBC Homeowner Banking™ Bundle

The CIBC Homeowner Banking Bundle rebate (the “rebate”) is a rebate on the regular monthly account fee of any of the following eligible personal CIBC chequing accounts (each an “Eligible Chequing Account”):

  • CIBC Everyday® Chequing Account;
  • CIBC EverydayPlus™ Chequing Account (Discontinued);
  • CIBC PremierService® Account; or
  • CIBC Smart™ Account

A. Qualifying for the CIBC Homeowner Banking Bundle

To qualify for the rebate you must have an Eligible Chequing Account and at least three other eligible CIBC personal banking products (each an "Eligible Product"). You must have one Eligible Product from each of the following categories:

  1. A personal annual fee CIBC credit card OR a personal CIBC creditor insurance product:

    Credit cards include any of the following:
    • CIBC Aventura® Visa* Card;
    • CIBC Aventura® Gold Visa* Card;
    • CIBC Aventura® Visa Infinite* Card;
    • CIBC Aero Platinum Visa* Card;
    • CIBC Aerogold® Visa Infinite* Card;
    • CIBC Aerogold® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card;
    • CIBC Dividend® Visa Infinite* Card;
    • CIBC Dividend Platinum® Visa* Card;
    • CIBC Select Visa* Card;
    • CIBC U.S. Dollar Visa* Card;
    • CIBC Aventura® MasterCard® Card (discontinued);
    • CIBC Aventura World Elite MasterCard Card (discontinued);
    • CIBC Aventura World MasterCard Card (discontinued);
    • CIBC Aero Classic Visa* Card (discontinued);
    • CIBC Aerogold Visa* Card (discontinued);
    • CIBC Dividend Unlimited® World MasterCard Card (discontinued);
    • CIBC Dividend Unlimited® World Elite MasterCard Card (discontinued);
    • CIBC Vacationgold® Visa* Card (discontinued);
    • CIBC Gold Visa* Card (discontinued); or
    • CIBC Driver’s Edge® World MasterCard™ (discontinued).
    Creditor insurance includes any of the following:

    • Creditor Disability Insurance for CIBC Personal Lines of Credit (PLC);
    • Creditor Disability Insurance for CIBC Personal Loans;
    • Creditor Life Insurance for CIBC PLC;
    • Creditor Life Insurance for CIBC Personal Loans;
    • CIBC Mortgage Disability Insurance;
    • CIBC Mortgage Disability Insurance Plus;
    • Creditor Life Insurance for CIBC Mortgages;
    • CIBC Payment Protector Insurance for CIBC Personal Loans; or
    • CIBC Payment Protector™ Insurance for CIBC Credit Cards.
  2. A personal CIBC investment product such as:

    • CIBC Savings Account;
    • CIBC Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC);
    • CIBC Mutual Funds or CIBC Managed Portfolio Services (CIBC Securities Inc.);
    • CIBC Personal Portfolio Services;
    • CIBC Investor's Edge® Account; or
    • CIBC Imperial Investor Services Account.
  3. A personal CIBC borrowing product (or one that you guarantee):

    • CIBC- brand residential mortgages;
    • CIBC- brand real estate secured personal lines of credit; or
    • CIBC Home Power Plan®.

Excluded Products

The following do not qualify as Eligible Products:

  • Foreign currency accounts and investment products (including those denominated in US dollars);
  • Simplii Financial™ accounts, investment products and mortgages;
  • CIBC Mellon investments;
  • CIBC investments held in CIBC Wood Gundy, or other investment dealer accounts;
  • FirstLine Mortgages; and
  • Supplementary CIBC credit cards from another person's account.

B. Joint Ownership of the Eligible Chequing Account

The application of the rebate to a joint Eligible Chequing Account may allow the other joint accountholder to become aware that you have other products with CIBC. By applying for, or accepting an offer for, the rebate you consent to the rebate being applied to the joint Eligible Chequing Account. Speak to your CIBC Advisor for more details.

C. Calculation and Application of the CIBC Homeowner Banking Bundle

  • The rebate is calculated and credited on the last calendar day of each month to your Eligible Chequing Account after the monthly fee for your Eligible Chequing Account has been applied and collected.
  • The first rebate will be credited to your Eligible Chequing Account within 8 weeks after the last calendar day of the month in which you qualify.
  • If you open an Eligible Chequing Account in the middle of a month and only pay a prorated monthly fee a prorated rebate will be credited.

The rebate amount for each Eligible Chequing Account is as follows:

Account Type Rebate on Monthly Fee
CIBC Everyday Chequing Account 50%
CIBC EverydayPlus Chequing Account (Discontinued) 50%
CIBC Smart™ Account 30%
CIBC PremierService Account 30%

The monthly account fee is subject to change at any time. The rebate will be applied to your monthly fee only and does not apply to recordkeeping, additional transactions or any other Eligible Chequing Account fees.

You are only entitled to receive one rebate even if you have more than one Eligible Chequing Account or more than the minimum number of Eligible Products on an account.

If you change from one Eligible Chequing Account to another Eligible Chequing Account in the last week of a month you may not receive the rebate on your new Eligible Chequing Account until the following month provided you still qualify for the rebate.

If in any month, you do not qualify for the rebate, the regular monthly fee on your Eligible Chequing Account will be reinstated automatically without notice to you. However, if you qualify again for the rebate, the rebate will be applied to your Eligible Chequing Account within 8 weeks of the date that you qualify (or within 8 weeks of the date you consent to the rebate being applied to the joint Chequing Account).

D. General Terms and Conditions

You must comply with the Terms and Conditions of the CIBC Homeowner Banking Bundle and all other CIBC products you have or you guarantee, including the Eligible Chequing Account and Eligible Products, every calendar day of the month in order for the rebate to apply for that month.

Your Eligible Chequing Account and Eligible Products must be open and active, as follows:

  • You must initiate at least one transaction in your CIBC chequing accounts, including a deposit, withdrawal or debit once every 6 months.
  • Your credit card account must be in Good Standing (see your cardholder agreement for details
  • Your creditor insurance coverage must have been approved by the insurer and in effect.
  • For borrowing products, funds must have been disbursed.

Payments for all borrowing products and any other CIBC product you have or guarantee must be up to date and not in arrears.

You are not eligible for the rebate if any other fee discount or promotion is or may be applied to any of your CIBC chequing accounts.

If you no longer qualify for the rebate, CIBC may, but is not obligated to, automatically enroll you in another rebate for which you qualify.

CIBC may, at any time, without prior notice to you:

  • change or cancel the Eligible Chequing Accounts or Eligible Products which qualify for the rebate;
  • change the amount of the rebate;
  • cancel the rebate; or
  • amend these Terms and Conditions.

Please monitor these Terms and Conditions for updates at Except as modified, the terms and conditions relating to the existing CIBC products that you hold remain in full force and effect.


Visa*, Visa Infinite* and Visa Infinite Privilege* are trademarks of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

MasterCard® is registered trademark and World Elite MasterCard™ and World MasterCard™ is registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Aerogold® is a registered trademark and Aero Platinum™ is a trademark of Aimia Canada Inc., used under license.

Driver’s Edge® is a registered trademark of Citigroup Inc.


“Simplii Financial” is a division of CIBC. Banking services are not available in Quebec. Aventura®, Dividend Platinum®, Dividend Unlimited®, Vacationgold®, CIBC and related marks – all trade-marks of CIBC.

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