Introducing a suite of new Online Banking services for CIBC credit cardholders Ė all designed to save time and make your life easier.

Whatís new for cardholders?

Request a credit limit increase

Request a credit limit increase

Thinking of making a big purchase in the future? Get approved and have those funds available on your credit card.

Transfer your balance

Transfer your balance

Make your life easier. Transfer your non-CIBC credit card balances so youíll only have one card to keep track of.

Request additional cardholders

Request additional cardholders

Spread the wealth. Additional cardholders will enjoy the same benefits that you have with your card.

Three simple steps to get started

Step 1

Sign into your CIBC account via Online Banking. If you are not registered for Online Banking, register now. These services are for CIBC credit card holders. If you are not a CIBC credit card holder, please take a moment to review our credit card selection.

Step 2

After signing in, select the Customer Services link located on the right side of the page.

Step 3

On the Customer Services page, all of the services are found under the Banking Services section.

Donít have a CIBC credit card? Find the best credit card for you now.

Start using these services now.