CIBC Credit Card Online Banking

Access your CIBC Credit Card Account information anywhere you have Internet access, whenever it’s convenient for you — even if you don’t hold a CIBC bank account.

With CIBC Online Banking you can:

  • Access your CIBC Credit Card Account information 24/7
  • Check your account balance, available credit, transaction details, minimum payment amount and payment due date
  • Request a credit limit increase, transfer your balance or add an additional cardholder
  • Download your CIBC Credit Card Account transactions into personal financial management software programs
  • Pay your Credit Card bill online if you have a CIBC Bank Account which is registered for CIBC Online Banking access
  • Enjoy the protection of 128-bit encryption, one of the highest security technologies generally used by businesses today

Plus, when you register for CIBC Online Banking, you’ll get complete access to CIBC CreditSmart® features, credit management tools and services exclusive to CIBC Credit Cardholders. You can even customize these features to help you get the most out of your credit card.

Other CIBC CreditSmart benefits include:

  • Easy Organization — get a more detailed view of your credit card spending and create customized monthly budgets with a spend report
  • Smart Management — set up alerts and get notified when you approach your credit limit or exceed your customized budget with CIBC CreditSmart Spend Alerts1 and, with personal spend manager, create your own personal spend categories to track and manage what’s important to you
  • Increased Security — stay aware of key changes on your credit report with credit report alerts2 and, with fraud alerts, you can be notified as soon as possible about potential unauthorized use of your credit card

Registering is free and easy

All you need to register your CIBC credit card for Online Banking is your card and a recent CIBC Credit Card statement.

Trademarks and Disclaimers

1 Transactions must first be posted to your account before they can trigger a spend alert. It may then take up to 24 hours after a triggering transaction is posted for an alert to be sent.

2 This service is provided by Equifax Canada, a leading credit bureau in Canada.

® Registered trademark of CIBC.