Invoicing and Payment

The CIBC Accounts Payable group is responsible for the payment processing of all invoices for goods and services on behalf of CIBC's Group of Companies in Canada and the United States.

If you are submitting an invoice to a business unit within the CIBC Group of Companies in North America that does not appear in the following list, please contact the Corporate Services Help Desk for assistance (see contact details below).

Effective November, 2015, all invoices submitted to CIBC are to be sent directly to the CIBC Accounts Payable group:

CIBC Accounts Payable
750 Lawrence Ave W. E-8
Toronto, ON. M6A 1B8

New mandatory invoice fields include:

  • Attention to: CIBC contact name and email address
  • CIBC Legal Entity name and Business Unit Number
  • Organizational Unit number (Transit)

Note – A CIBC Contract number and/or PO number should also be provided whenever possible

View an example of the new preferred invoice format.

Canadian CIBC Group of Companies
Business Unit Company Name
09902 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC): this business unit is the main CIBC business unit; the majority of goods and services purchased in Canada are related to this business unit.
24100 CIBC World Markets Inc.
90164 Home Loans Canada (HLC)
90172 CIBC Mortgage Inc.
90613 CIBC Insurance Agency Inc.
90797 CIBC Life Insurance Company Limited
91196 INTRIA Items Inc.
91581 CIBC Securities Inc.
91779 CIBC Investor Services
97435 CIBC Asset Management Inc. or Gestion d’actifs CIBC inc.
97740 CIBC Trust
U.S. CIBC Group of Companies
Business Unit Company Name
24200 CIBC World Markets Corp.
69569 CIBC Inc. (Real Estate Interim)
69574 CIBC Inc. (Real Estate Securitization)
69576 CIBC Inc. (Real Estate Construction Bridge)
69666 Canadian Imperial Holdings Inc.
69669 CIBC Inc.
69676 CIBC Capital Corporation
69753 CIBC WG Argosy MF1 LP
69760 CIBC NY Branch
69776 CIBC USA Holdings Inc.
69957 Atlantic Trust Group, Inc.
69958 Atlantic Trust Company, N.A.
69959 Atlantic Trust Investment Advisor, Inc.
69960 Audit/Inspection

Invoicing Requirements

To receive timely payment, the following information must be included on all invoices:

CIBC Information

  • Full legal CIBC Company name and Business Unit number (see table above).
  • Name and email of the CIBC employee that requested the good and/or service (your contact)
    Note: This name is very important for invoice approval and timely processing.
  • Organizational Unit number (transit)
  • CIBC ‘ship to’ address
  • CIBC Cost Centre/Branch Transit/Organization Unit number
  • CIBC contract number (if applicable)
  • CIBC Purchase Order number (if applicable)

Supplier Information

  • Supplier full legal name and operating name (if different)
  • Supplier 'remit to' name
  • Supplier 'remit to' address
  • Unique invoice number (not greater than 17 characters) *
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice payment terms/discount terms
  • Taxes applied by tax region
  • Tax registration number(s)
  • Supplier contact information (who we contact if there is a question about the invoice)

Invoice Content

  • Description of goods/services provided
  • Invoice subtotal amount of the expense before taxes by tax region
  • Freight charges (if applicable)
  • Environmental charges (if applicable)
  • Grand total due to supplier including taxes
  • Purchase Order line details (if applicable)

* Invoices that do not have a unique invoice number and/or statements of account are not acceptable documents for issuing payment.

CIBC recommends the following invoice format: CIBC Invoice Format (1200 KB)

Invoice Submission

CIBC has three methods for suppliers to submit invoices. Following the correct invoice submission process will avoid misdirected invoices and prevent unnecessary delays in processing payment.

1) Electronically:

High-volume suppliers can be set up to submit invoices electronically using industry-standard EDI 810 interface methodologies. To establish an EDI 810 electronic invoice process, please contact the Corporate Services Help Desk:

2) Paper-based:

Effective November, 2015, all invoices submitted to CIBC are to be sent directly to the CIBC Accounts Payable group:

CIBC Accounts Payable
750 Lawrence Ave W. E-8
Toronto, ON. M6A 1B8

Supplier mails an invoice to the appropriate CIBC contact:

  1. Invoice without supporting CIBC Purchase Order — mailed to CIBC contact who requested the goods and/or services or has been designated to receive the invoices for review and appropriate authorization
  2. Invoice referencing CIBC Purchase Order — mailed directly to CIBC Accounts Payable as specified on the purchase order

3) Email:

Supplier emails PDF/Word/Excel invoice to the appropriate CIBC contact.

Payment Options

The following methods are used by CIBC to remit payment to suppliers:

  1. Corporate Card
  2. Canadian dollar cheque
  3. U.S. dollar cheque
  4. Electronically via EDI 820 payment with remittance details (for Canadian dollar supplier remittance only with selected Schedule 1 banks)
  5. Electronically via wire payments (for non-CAD/USD payments only)
  6. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment (view EFT eligibility and set up instructions)

Payment Inquires and Assistance

For inquiries regarding payment status, please contact the Corporate Services Help Desk at:

Canada and United States
416-304-4357 or 1-888-383-9818, Option 1; or email

For inquiries regarding invoices or payment status for regions outside North America, please contact the following as appropriate:

Michele Tan

United Kingdom
Ann-Marie Marfan

West Indies
Rosemary Herbert