Give your child’s savings a head start with competitive interest

CIBC Advantage® for Youth

This is a CIBC Premium Growth Account™ with special benefits
for those 18 and under:

  • Unlimited transactions1
  • No monthly fee
  • Earn competitive interest on every dollar
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Help your child save for the future and learn about managing money

This account offers:

  • Unlimited transactions
  • A competitive interest rate calculated on each day's final balance and paid monthly
  • A CIBC Advantage Debit Card® that, with your consent, allows access to the account through branches, bank machines, CIBC Telephone Banking, CIBC Online Banking®, CIBC Mobile Banking® and the INTERAC* network
  • Free record-keeping options are available including paperless2

Rates & Fees


Daily Closing $ Balance Interest Rate
All Balances % All rates

Banking Fees

Monthly fees None
- Cheques
- Withdrawals (including ATM)
- Transfers
- Pre-authorized payments
- Bill payments (including CIBC Credit Cards and CIBC Personal Lines of Credit)
- Debit purchases
Sending INTERAC e-Transfers® $1.50 each + transaction fee, if applicable
Receiving INTERAC e-Transfer Free
Non-CIBC bank machine withdrawal $1.50 each + transaction fee, if applicable
Account inquiries Free
Paperless record keeping Free

Personal Account Service Fees (260 KB)


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Terms and Conditions

Products and their features may change at any time.

This is a general description only. For complete information about fees, refer to the service fee disclosure brochure Personal Account Service Fees.

1 A transaction includes cheques, withdrawals, transfers, pre-authorized payments, bill payments (including CIBC Credit Cards and CIBC Personal Lines of Credit) and debit purchases. For CIBC eAdvantage Savings Accounts, a transaction does not include online transfers to your other CIBC personal bank account(s) using the transfer function on CIBC Online and Mobile Banking. Additional fee(s) apply to withdrawals from non-CIBC bank machines, INTERAC e-Transfer™ transactions and cheques written in currencies other than the account currency. These fees apply to all customers, including CIBC Advantage for Youth, CIBC Advantage for Students and CIBC 60 Plus Advantage customers.

2 “Paperless” record keeping is a paper-free alternative to statements and bankbooks. This option enables customers to track account activity online or by phone or CIBC bank machine. Please note, no printed statements will be sent to customers selecting this option. Customers must review their account transactions through CIBC Online or Mobile Banking, CIBC Telephone Banking or CIBC bank machines at least once every 30 days and examine all entries and balances at that time. If there are any errors, omissions or irregularities, customers must notify CIBC in writing within 60 days after the date on which the entry was, or should have been, posted to the account. Banking activity that occurred prior to Online Banking registration will not be available in the Online or Mobile Banking transaction history.

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