Family Finances and Budgeting Strategies

Family Finances

From teaching your kids about money to helping care for your aging parents, information to help with your family finances.



Plan for life’s surprises to keep your finances on track

Let’s take a closer look at three essential components of a comprehensive contingency plan.

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How to Build an Emergency Savings Fund

Almost half of Canadians don’t have money set aside for emergencies. Learn how to build an emergency fund.

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How much will life’s big events cost you?

Whenever you run into a major life event, it’s time to check in with your financial advisor.

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CIBC Advantage® for Youth

Give them a head start with competitive interest rates.

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An Overview of the Student Loan Process for Parents

Preparing to send your child to college or university is a big step in both your lives, especially if this is your first foray. While your child is eligible to apply for student loans, grants, scholarships and more, he or she may still need your help with rising tuition costs.

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Advantages of a Student Line of Credit

If you’re preparing for a child’s post-secondary education, a graduate program, or about to pursue a professional designation, you’ve probably realized that you may need a loan to cover the associated costs.

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A Guide to Student Loans

The average cost of post-secondary education in Canada can top $80,000, making financing a reality for most students. If you’re unsure of where to start, use this guide to student loans and learn how to apply for federal, provincial and private loans.

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Smart Money — Are You Financially Fit?

People spend a lot of time worrying about what they eat and how healthy their hearts are, but for many people financial fitness isn’t a priority.

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Create an Emergency Fund

How to financially prepare your family for a rainy day.

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Make Your University Kid Money-Wise

How one couple prepared their daughter to manage her own finances

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Update Your Financial Plans

Changes in your life may require adapting your financial game plan.

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Lending Money to Your Children

There are many pitfalls in becoming “the bank of Mom and Dad” Here is how to avoid them.

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Preparing for the Unexpected

To cope with sudden expenses, you should have an emergency fund and a plan.

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Client Stories

Saving for Education

Will and Rosa: Our little boy just celebrated his first birthday. It’s amazing how fast he’s growing! We want to give him every opportunity in life, including the best education we can afford. What’s the best way to save for his education?”

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